2018 GameDay Information

To assist us in meeting your Fuel and Ground Services needs for Auburn home games, please call customer service at 334-844-4597.
Temporary Air Traffic Control Tower
There will be a temporary air traffic control tower in effect for the following home football games: LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas A&M. The tower is typically in effect 5 hours prior to kickoff until 3 hours after the end of the football game. Please contact your Flight Service Station for NOTAM information regarding exact hours of operation and radio frequencies.
Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR)
The airport is located within the football stadium TFR that is in effect one (1) hour prior to scheduled kickoff until one (1) hour after the end of the football game. When the TFR is in effect, for home football games without a temporary air traffic control tower, it is recommended that: Arriving aircraft contact Atlanta Approach on frequency 125.50 prior to reaching 6 nm of the airport; Departing aircraft contact Atlanta Approach on frequency 118.70 prior to departure.
A Special Event Fee applies to all aircraft using the airport on the day of a home football game.
Airport Shuttle Service
Shuttle capacity - 34 passengers
Operates four (4) hours prior to kickoff until two (2) hours after the game.
This service is FREE to airport customers.
GameDay Shuttle Stop - CAMPUS MAP
For information about disabled, on-campus and off-campus transportation options, visit the GameDay Transit page.
For Up To Date Information
Please revisit this page for updates before traveling to the Auburn University Regional Airport. Please view the Auburn University Game Day 2018 page for the latest information on scheduled kickoff times and other GameDay information. If you need additional information, please contact Customer Service at 334-844-4597.
Rental Cars
Enterprise Rent-a-Car 334-826-0227

Hertz Rent-a-Car 334-466-5578

U-Save Car & Truck Rental 334-821-8728

Taxis Service
4th Quarter Taxi334-748-1911

KGM - Auburn Trax 334-707-6421

Ms. Sue's Taxi334-524-9164

Spirit Town Taxi 334-444-6808

Tiger Taxi 334-444-4444

Twin City Taxi 334-246-0416

Limousine Service
Auburn Black Car 334-734-9440

Auburn Mercedes Benz S550 VIP Black Car Srv. 334-444-6522

Bay Limousine Service 334-740-2920

Tiger Limo 334-444-4444 Ext. 3

Touch of Class 334-567-3434

Atlanta Shuttle
Groome Transportation 800-896-9928